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Let this rather be the first of many forays into the mysteries,

as here disclosed but not destroyed.

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Birthdate:Jun 13
Location:United States of America
Self-Portrait with Slightest Provocation

For Jay Hopler

A flight of starlings flung
skyward from gorse--
let me...Green
the moss along the river,
green the tendrils
forward through soil,
green the buds breaking
out from their husks, hinges
between now and now.
Let me green.
I, wet, waxy as a hull,
color of dirt, cold, in clothes
too small, splitting, struck dumb
and in need of acetylene,
follow the sound of the foundry
to town. In the village,
the angelus flowers from a spire.
Skyward, the minister flourishes
his heavy black and crimson method.
He stoops, he empties from bells
their residual, leaden song.

-- By Kimberly Johnson

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